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Japan's First Tennis Simulator

English Lessons Available

Just a 3 minute walk from Ginza Station

✔️ Increase your ball speed by 10km/h

✔️ Increase your consistency by 25%

✔️ Video analysis of your form


Need a place to play tennis indoors?

The difficulty of playing tennis in Tokyo...

Finding tennis coaches who can speak English can be difficult here in Japan. On top of that, Japan's rainy climate makes it difficult to practice on a constant basis. We are here to solve the foreign tennis community's problem. 

Have this ever happened to you?

  • Unable to find an English tennis coach

  • Practice cancelled from rain

  • Unable to reserve tennis courts


Tennisuru will support YOU!

Using our cutting edge tennis simulator, we will provide the highest quality tennis lessons. You will never have to worry about playing tennis in Japan.​

What is a Tennis Simulator?

Made especially for tennis lovers. 

In a compact space, you can play tennis as if you are on an actual tennis court regardless of the weather outside. Using a specialized sensor, you can also analyze your shots to improve your technique. 

How to use a tennis simulator

Select Mode

  • Choose from ground strokes, volleys, and serve

  • Adjust the ball depending on your level

  • Rally and game modes

スクリーンショット 2023-08-16 16.44.59.png


  • Hit 3x more than on an actual court

  • Get your form right with repetition

  • Great for stress relief


Analyze Your Shot

  • Record your improvement with data

  • Analyze success rate, speed, and depth

  • Find your strengths and weaknesses

Why Choose Us

Use data to improve

Analyzing your shot data will allow you to improve at a much faster rate. Areas such as consistency, speed, and depth will be backed up by actual data.


You will also be able to track your progress using the data, which will motivate you through your lessons.

Become physically fit

Our lessons are paired with conditioning in order to build a stronger body. As your body will gain strength and flexibility, your speed of improvement will become twice as fast.

You will also be less prone to injuries with a strong and healthy body.

Flexible bookings

Booking a session is stress free! You can book a lesson on your own free time.

You can get an entire court to yourself, so no one can interrupt your valuable session.

Prices and Plans

New to Tennisuru?

Book a session now, and we will find the right program for you.



  • 50 minutes

  • Hitting (no coach)

  • Up to 2 people

  • Data analysis

  • Tutorial available

  • English and/or Japanese

※Only by appointment



  • 50 minutes

  • 1-on-1 lesson with coach

  • Video analysis

  • Physical conditioning

  • Personalized program

  • English and/or Japanese

※Only by appointment


2 state of the art tennis simulators

English and Japanese lessons

Data and video analysis

Flexible bookings

Fully indoors tennis studio

Free to use tennis and fitness equipment

Online coaching and support

Beginner friendly modes


Tennisuru Ginza

3-8-13 Ginza Chuo-ku
Tokyo 104-0061

Hours 10AM〜8PM
​※Call for any changes


Q:What should I bring?
A:Please bring your racket and clothes you can move in (including shoes). 

Q:Do you have rentals?
A:You can borrow one of our rackets for free. We currently do not have rental shoes so please bring your own. Non-tennis shoes (running shoes, sneakers) are ok.  


Q:Do you have a changing room?
A:We do have a changing room. However, we do not have showers. 

Get in Touch

Contact us with any question, inquiry, or suggestion you have. 

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